Karl Phillips & The Rejects Take On ‘Ingurlund’ On New Single

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Karl Phillips & The Rejects have a history with challenging popular culture but now on the band’s brand-new single, ‘Ingurland‘, they take the UK to task as it flails around wildly, whether it be political incompetence, crackpot conspiracy theorists or right-on hipsters, everyone’s fair game as the Karl Phillips carnival comes to town with its boxing gloves on. ‘Ingurland‘ is a track that goes far beyond attacking the band’s native land just because its having a dodgy year, it is a pointed strike at the culture of people at all levels of society using negative headlines to further their own agenda and to take serious, worthy causes to benefit their own personal profile. You can stream and purchase ‘Ingurland‘ via digital service providers including BandcampSpotify and Apple Music

You can view the NSFW video for ‘Ingurland‘ below