Kevin K Releases 35th Album “Broken”

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NYC punk veteran Kevin K has put his signature melodic-punk style on hold, instead conjuring up darker sounding influences that draw a deliberate line to heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath. His new album, Broken, sets a new standard for volume and heaviness for Kevin K, the sonic clamour reflecting the bleak, dark, cold environment in which the album was recorded, a cold Detroit basement during one of the harshest American mid-west winters on record. Defiantly lo-fi and written using unconventional arrangements to give added aesthetic purpose to this commentary on the modern world. Broken is now available via streaming platforms and on CD through Vicious Kitten Records and MVD Entertainment Group.

“These might be the best collection of songs I’ve ever done. There is a lot of emotion in these songs, some crazy arrangements and odd lyrics – but it works. All the songs have no lyrics about girls or the word ‘you’. It’s very hard to write like that – and I have never before written songs with multiple parts, like on the song ‘Catacomb Heart’. “The album has a really dark, heavy ‘Black Sabbath 1970’ sound. It must be the weather here in Detroit. Cold, dark, depressing, no sun. It feels like Berlin! The music is super loud and there is distortion, which I like. That gives it the 1970s feel. Yet there are NO distortion pedals used on the album – just my Gibson Melody Maker through my Fender Hot Rod amp.”