Knuckle Puck Are “Losing What We Love” On New Single

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Chicago pop punk outfit Knuckle Puck recently announced their new full length, Losing What We Love, will be released on the 20th October and they have now dropped the album’s title track. Over the last thirteen years Knuckle Puck have nurtured their craft across three albums and have artfully balanced their emotional spectrum, trading in high-tempered and deeply introspective lyricism, but also cutting the tension with an underlying layer of optimism. But now, with the release of their fourth full length, Losing What We LoveKnuckle Puck are done sugarcoating life’s hard truths.  It is a record about coming to terms with exactly that. It is an attempt to lean into the transition between a high point in life to a low point. These songs are a tribute to the familiar while acknowledging that nothing can stay the same forever. 

“Losing What We Love (the song) sways between clinging on to what was and letting go completely. If you choose your company wisely, you can allow yourself to give away all that you have to offer without hesitation or fear. For a long time, we felt a responsibility to have this overwhelming hopefulness to our lyrics. This time around, we started writing more honestly with less intent to sound cool or hopeful. It feels like we’re in a bit of a losing battle with the state of the world, but in the past we’d say, ‘Oh, but it’s all OK!’ Now we’re saying, ‘No, we should be panicking.’ This record feels like more of an expression than a motivational speech.”

Knuckle Puck

Recorded with longtime producer Seth HendersonLosing What We Love follows 2022’s Disposable Life EP and marks the band’s first album for Pure Noise Records. In many ways, it’s a throwback to their earliest days – not necessarily in sound, but in songwriting essence, tapping into the same collaborative magic they found in bedrooms and garages across Chicago’s south suburbs as teenagers. With new found energy inside their ranks, a steadfast belief in one another that steered the ship during Losing What We Love and will carry the band long into the future. Knuckle Puck will be playing When We Were Young Festival this fall, before heading out with Real Friends on a full co-headline tour with support from One Step Closer and Arm’s Length.