Kultur Shock Announce “King Country Mohammed” Single & “No Nostalgia” European Tour

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The de-facto founders of the gipsy punk movement, Seattle’s Kultur Shock, has been mixing Balkan folk melodies and bizarre meters with face melting metal and blood pumping punk rock in a pagan cauldron of lyrical, obnoxious and politically irreverent music stew since 1996. The upcoming 7″ debut of the band on Alternative Tentacles contains two tracks, King and Country Mohammed, which have been a part of band’s live set since their release on Kultur Shock‘s 2009 album, Integration. The King Country Mohammed single will be released on the 31st March via Alternative Tentacles Records, with a vinyl release of the band’s 2019 D.R.E.A.M. album set to follow in the Spring.

Kultur Shock

A year ago, after about 2 hours of discussing World politics and what do we do to save the planet, Biafra asked me, “Hey, by the way, remind me why did we never release any of Kultur Shock for Alternative Tentacles? Neither him or I had an answer, so that was the beginning of our collaboration! I remember, sitting on the plane, thinking and talking to myself; “Dude, you’re fucking crazy, people your age are retiring and you’re signing a record deal!” (vocalist Gino Yevdjevich)

Kultur Shock

Kultur Shock celebrated its quarter of a century life on stage with a European tour in July of 2022. After two years of pandemic disruption, the band were pleasantly surprised by the dedication of their audience and its youth. They have now announced the 2023 No Nostalgia European tour will take place next month, including a run of UK dates with Erik & The Worldly Savages.