L.A Witch Reveal ‘Gen Z’ From Upcoming ‘Play With Fire’ Album

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After announcing their new album “Play With Fire” is set for release on August 21st L.A. Witch have now shared their new single, ‘Gen-Z‘. Speaking about the track, L.A. Witch guitarist & vocalist Sade Sanchez said “‘Gen-Z’ is inspired by a series of articles mentioning the high rates of suicide amongst the Gen-Z due to the pressures of social media. At the same time I read about several music companies not doing well due to lack of interest in people to learn to play instruments. When I was a kid, music and guitar was my escape. Music was how I fought through my depressions. What will the future do to get through it? With constant pressure to be perfect and information/advertisements and brainwashing constantly being shoved in your face, you become a product of your environment. ‘Gen-Z’ is about being a slave to technology, specifically to our phones.”

You can stream ‘Gen Z‘ via SoundCloud & YouTube below