Lavasocks Records Reissue Lookout! Records Classic ‘The Thing That Ate Floyd’ Compilation To Benefit 924 Gilman

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Maybe one of the most influential punk compilations in history, The Thing That Ate Floyd is a snapshot in time of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, 1988. Turn It Around may have ignited the 1990s Lookout! Records scene we remember today, but The Thing That Ate Floyd captured it at its peak. From Sweet Baby’s sugary pop punk hooks, to Neurosis’s stoned chaotic sludge, to Bitch Fight’s righteous feminist fury, and everything in between, Floyd had it all. Now it’s being remastered and reissued by Lavasocks Records as a benefit for 924 Gilman St., the homebase of many of the bands on the compilation that still stands today.

The Thing That Ate Floyd will be released on May 7th via Lavasocks Records. Four variants will be available for the Floyd vinyl reissue, orange, pink, blue and yellow/clear splatter. Ahead of the album’s re-release you can now stream and purchase Operation Ivy‘s Hangin’ Out and NeurosisCommon Inconsistencies, The Thing That Ate Floyd can be pre-ordered digitally via Bandcamp and on vinyl from Lavasocks Records.