Left Circles Release Debut Album “Nothing Is One Thing” & Share “The Gashouse Gang” Video

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Brooklyn, NY’s Left Circles have released their 13 track debut full length, Nothing Is One Thing, via Miserable Neighbor Records. Left Circles is the solo project of Brooklyn-based musician Brian Pluta, who is also Space Cadet‘s live guitarist, who is not content to stay confined to one style. The hook-heavy album, that is now available for pre-order on vinyl here, flies through several modes of rock, from ’90s lo-fi to Brit pop to ’50s folk to their punky new single, The Gashouse Gang Is Here. The album was mixed by Travis Harrison (Guided By Voices / Built to Spill) and features drums from Kellii Scott (Failure) and Harrison, as well as guest vocals from Matt Hock (Space Cadet / The Explosion).

“I was running out of time, with no idea what video #2 would be. By the dumbest of luck, I stumbled upon this 1937 cartoon directed by Ub Iwerks, who also did “Steamboat Willie” and all those early Mickey Mouse cartoons. Those folks were masters of animation/music synchronicity having been the ones who invented it. So it’s no wonder I was able to edit it to work with my straightforward 4/4 song. But the sync with Kellii’s drum fills, with what the lyrics are saying…that’s 100% chance. It’s like they were meant to go together. Art director Jon Cochran brought the illusion home with those amazing title cards.” (Brian Pluta)