Left Hand Black Return With New Album “Lower Than Hell”

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After the success of their 2020 self titled debut, Swedish horror punks Left Hand Black returned from the crypts of Gothenburg with their new album, Lower Than Hell, that is now available via Sick Taste Records & Sunny Bastards. Left Hand Black recorded their latest full length’s fifteen tracks in two days, the end result is an album that will satisfy your thirst for blood and your cravings for carnage. Whilst the tracks are faster and more melodic and anthemic, they remain rough enough to blow the dust off your coffins!

Left Hand Black was formed in the spring of 2019 on Öckerö, an island outside of Gothenburg. The band features former members of The Dead Next Door, Overdrive Solution & Lake of Tears. Left Hand Black will also be appearing alongside Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space and The Fright this Halloween on the final date of The Other‘s annual Hell Nights tour