LiVES Get “Cancelled” On New Single & Video

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LiVES have returned with their new single & video, Cancelled. The track is a raw, unapologetic, guitar driven song that reflects the hypocrisy that surrounds elections. Cancelled is the second offering from LiVES forthcoming album, Let Them Eat Cake, that is due out on the 25th October.

Cancelled is about my feeling of disenfranchisement of online and political society, my total despondence and hatred of the right AND the left…far right and postmodernism attitudes. They claim to be decent whilst being indecent, tolerant whilst being intolerant…always outraged, self righteous, aggressive, violent…they are swimming in hypocrisy and can’t see it. Meanwhile the real elite destroy the world around us, seemingly unnoticed whilst we fight amongst ourselves. I hate them all!!” (singer & songwriter Peter Chisholm)