Local Drags Return With Fourth Album “City In A Room”

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As their 111th release, Stardumb Records have today released the fourth album by Springfield, Illinois‘s Local Drags. After dipping into alt country accents with its predecessor Mess of EverythingLocal Drags makes an even sharper left turn with their latest full length, City In A Room. Local Drags is Lanny Durbin with help from a few friends, on this album he dares to be more quiet, at times even shy, but melody and optimism still make their way to the top. Local Drags are fighting depression with power pop!

Lanny Durbin’s songwriting is still razor-edged and to the point, with a mix of darker indie rock vibes sinking into the instrumentation. The guitars are awash with reverb and vibrato, while organs and synths do the layering, think a more melancholic Tom Petty or Paul Westerberg influence this time around. City In A Room also come with a 24 page fanzine featuring seven short stories written by Lanny Durbin.