Los and The Deadlines Release EP ‘Perfect Holiday’

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PromoImage2The epitomes of art-rock, Los and The Deadlines utilize clichés to convey their message through their broad-ranging sound, which encompasses grunge, stoner rock, noise rock, punk and sludge with members Alex LoSardo – Vocals/Guitar, Niels Bakx – Guitar, Rotem Haguel – Bass/ Backing Vocals, and Alberto Voglino – Drums


The band’s ‘Perfect Holiday’ EP explores the absurdities of western civilization by contrasting the reality of an urban, deprecating society and its opposing depiction in the mass media. This incongruence is described not only through tongue in cheek lyrics but also through music where there is an ever-present competition between noise and melody through thrashing riffs and thumping rhythms.


The EP cover art, an out-of-focus photo of an almost demolished building in London, exhibits the ‘dirty’ aspects of city life; a tacky yellow background provoking a tangible sense of discomfort. The album title “Perfect Holiday” is an irony that emphasizes the contrast between the object and its image or myth. PromoImage


Alex LoSardo, describes the bands origin, stating:

“The seedy underbelly of any major city spawns some of the most depraved and morally reprehensible dregs of society who seek one another out to join in a range of dubious behaviors, making music being one of them.”





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