Maggot House Release “Too Old To Tour” EP

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Maggot House have released their brand new EP, Too Old To Tour, that is available via Bandcamp and streaming platforms. Puking up minute-long homages to old school punk, Too Old To Tour is a death-ray to the face that features eight mind-melting tracks about your slimy future!

Maggot House

“Wireheads & Meatware unite! The new Maggot House EP ‘Too Old to Tour’ is a death-ray to the face, featuring eight mind-melting tracks about a slimy future. This subatomic EP will reverse the polarity of any utopian reform. Songs like ‘Can’t Afford The Future’ & ‘Dead or Alive’ expose our not-so-distant RoboCop destiny. If you only take ten albums into your fallout shelter this Summer, ‘Too Old to Tour’ should be one of ’em.”