Makthaverskan Stream New Album ‘Ill’ Via Bandcamp

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Makthaverskan IllDeep at the heart of Makthaverskan‘s new album Ill lies a burning desire, a longing to find compassion against a global backdrop where love in all its forms feels as if its being sucked from our lives. Led by vocalist Maja Milner‘s barbed wail, Ill is Makthaverskan turning their sights on the world at large, chasing hope and understanding in a time when it can seem impossible to find either. Makthaverskan are now streaming their third full-length, Ill, via Bandcamp in advance of the album’s October 20th release on Run For Cover Records and Luxury Records. Physical pre-orders for Ill are now available and the album can be purchased digitally for $5 via Bandcamp ahead of the album’s release. US tour plans will be announced shortly.

You can pre-order and stream Ill via Bandcamp here