Manchester Punk Festival Announces 2023 Warm Up Show

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Manchester Punk Festival have announced that they will be kicking things off with their Warm Up Show at Manchester’s Rebellion on the 6th April. This year the festival’s Warm Up Show will feature Incisions, Negative Measures, The Overjoyed, Slash Fiction and Galivantes.

Manchester Punk Festival

Manchester Punk Festival will also be heading to London for the MPF vs Signature Brew gig that will take place on the 11th March. The show is celebrating International Women’s Day and will feature The Menstrual Cramps, Honey Joy, Knife Club, Till I’m Bones and Shooting Daggers

Manchester Punk Festival

“We’ll be brewing this years beer, wasting hours on deciding what to call it then finishing off the day with a stacked gig! You don’t want to miss out on a gig in a brewery, right?”

Manchester Punk Fest

The multi venue city centre festival that is Manchester Punk Festival is moving into its 7th year of hosting 120+ bands from across the globe, bringing the best punk and ska on the circuit to Manchester. You can also find a collection of poets, comedians and a pop up record store showcasing some great independent labels. Tickets for the 2023 Manchester Punk Festival can be purchased here.