Manic Kat Records Launch “Punk Hub Live” App & Stream “Digital Pandemic” Compilation

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Manic Kat Records has launched a new app, Punk Hub Live, that offers a new, exciting and interactive way for fans to connect with their favorite Manic Kat Records artists. The evolution of Punk Hub Live has seen the launch of the brand new app, featuring live streaming events, up to the minute news about the Manic Kat Records roster and exclusive experiences and content.

The label has also unveiled a new compilation, Digital Pandemic – Let’s Not Do That Again, that features twelve tracks from Manic Kat Records bands, recorded at the Punk Hub Live Sessions, during the lockdown. With the absence of touring in 2020 and 2021, Punk Hub Live gave artists a platform to showcase dynamic live shows, whilst giving fans an opportunity to watch their favourite Manic Kat Records band from the safety of their own device.

You can download Punk Hub Live here