Mercy Music Have “Found Out I’m Useless” On New Single

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Mercy Music have released their sludgy new single, Found Out I’m Useless, that is taken from their upcoming fourth full length, What You Stand To Lose, that his due out on June 30th via Double Helix Records & SBÄM Records. The albums’ title itself refers to the many monumental changes in vocalist and guitarist Brendan Scholz‘s personal life since it was “flipped upside down” between this album and 2020’s Nothing in the Dark. Found Out I’m Useless is about convincing yourself a situation is still salvageable even though, in your heart of hearts, you know it’s not.

On What You Stand To Lose there’s an underlying theme on the album of the physical and mental pain that comes with heartbreak and the emotional growth that follows. Throughout the eleven tracks the band find inspiration in the fact that nothing should be taken for granted, no time should be wasted, and there is everything in the world to lose by not collectively fighting hard enough to succeed.