Meryl Streek Reveal “Yesterday” Video

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Dublin based avant garde punks Meryl Streek have today revealed the video for the AA side of their recent single, Yesterday, which is out now alongside the A side, False Apologies. Meryl Streek recently announced their signing to Venn Records and will release their debut album, 796, on the 4th November. Showing a very different side of their politically-charged 21st century avant garde punk, Yesterday displays a more electronic, industrial influenced sound married with sweeping orchestral arrangements and stark guitars, all threaded through with Meryl Streek‘s rabid signature vocal delivery. Commenting on the song, which addresses issues of alcoholism and personal growth, Meryl Streek says: “This is the only love song on the album, and it’s written about losing people around you over time. Moving on in life and going in a different direction to others.”

The creepy, found-footage video which accompanies the track was made by the band themselves, who took inspiration from a Dublin band called Burnt Out for the single, it is also the first from the band to feature guitarist Phil Weir. The cinematic and atmospheric video for False Apologies ​​was released earlier this month and was directed by Peter Kingston in Dublin, Ireland, and stars Irish actor Jack Galvin. A devastating condemnation of the shameful Catholic church abuse scandal in Ireland, penned following the findings of The Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation, forthcoming debut album 796 is an emotionally volatile and heart-wrenching collection of cutting edge punk that pushes genre boundaries whilst traversing extremely challenging political subject matter with aplomb and vitriol.

“The album is for anyone that has been affected by the Catholic Church’s crimes and those that feel that the government not only mistreated them but took away their voice along with it. I’ve always been drawn to bands that say what they think loudly and clearly. I grew up hearing A House, Guernica and Sack speaking their minds, the punk movement too. I’m coming from the same place but with melodies and pop music so hopefully people will stop and listen to what I’ve got to say.”

Meryl Streek will be appearing live at Bring Them Home Ireland at The Helix, Dublin on 28th January 2023 in aid of Sean Ross Abbey Mother and Baby Home survivors. The event is a celebration of the strength and spirit of those affected by the devastation, humiliation and abuse in Irish Mother and Baby Homes and in memory of those who were lost.