Middleman Drop “John Dillinger Died For You” EP

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How can you predict who a band will be influenced by, or what they might end up sounding like? Middleman, still in their early 20s and very much embedded in the London punk scene, have a sound shaped by American punk and rock bands that had mostly burned out or imploded before they were even born. They embody that slight wonkiness found in greats like Mission Of Burma; that otherness, suggesting that something is slightly off, on edge. An uneasiness that proposes something is not quite, right. In that spirit Middleman have today released the John Dillinger Died For You EP, that takes its name from The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson.

As with their previous release, it was recorded at Walthamstow’s Fuzzbrain Studios, an increasingly important breeding ground for emerging bands including Chubby And The Gang and Island Of Love. Wanting complete creative freedom, the band engineered the album themselves along with friend Dylan Gilchrist. The songs are all tight and punchy, with nothing exceeding four minutes, whilst still harnessing a structure within the form. Detectable verse and chorus structures are not habitual; there are pauses and shifts in feel and tempo, keeping the listener on their toes, moving. Across the five tracks, Middleman sound like an increasingly assured band, finding their anchor, their course, their direction.


Middleman will be playing a John Dillinger Died For You release show at London’s New River Studios on April 26th, tickets can be purchased here.