Mixtapes’ Ryan Rockwell Unveils New Project, Youth Culture

  • Dustin Blumhagen posted
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Youth CultureRyan Rockwell of Ohio’s Mixtapes has unveiled an independent release under the name Youth Culture. The debut album is titled, I Hate How Normal I Have Become. The surprise album is featured as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. 

Youth Culture is rounded out with the help of  Kamal Hiresh (drums, tamborine, background vocals) and Zach George (vocals, guitars, bass).

The album came to fruition from a period of darkness that Rockwell experienced as he spiraled out of control into depression. He explained the reasoning behind the album’s creation and expresses hope that it can help others rise above the darkness. 

I had never felt more alone. Friends that I have had for years literally just stopped talking to me, stopped responding, a large number of them. I turned to the only thing i knew, and I started writing about it. I don’t know who was wrong or who was right, but I know how much it hurt and people that I have helped and would do anything for left me when I needed help the most. Other people stepped up and saved me. I don’t place blame though…I became a different person for awhile. But I know if Mixtapes was the positive, brighter side, then Youth Culture is the darker side.

This is an album for people going through things they don’t like to talk about or know how to express. We worked very hard on it and we hope you can relate to it. We did it all ourselves and paid for it all ourselves. First and foremost, we want you to hear it – which is why it’s free. If you like it enough, we’d very much appreciate a donation to recoup costs and eventually put it out on vinyl. But as always with everything I’ve done, I just want it to get out there, so thank you so much for taking the time to listen, there’s alot (sic) of bands out there, thanks for giving this a spin.

I Hate How Normal I Have Become can be streamed and downloaded here