Molly Horses Release New Single “King Dundalk”

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Los Angeles noise-punks Molly Horses return today with King Dundalk, a pulsing track about letting your ego ruin you. Near-motorik drums drive the track into crashes of noise wall oblivion as vocalist Harry James laments the dangers of alienating yourself in pursuit of finite pleasures. Recorded at Train Song in the fall of 2023 by Molly Horses themselves, King Dundalk is the feel-good-feel-bad hit of the particularly long winter. It offers a final warning of the consequences we face when we don’t learn to climb out of rock bottom, but rather keep digging. Major chords sell, but who’s dancing?

Molly Horses

King Dundalk follows the release of the groups debut single Beatty, which served up a punishing four-on-the-floor march sandwiched between walls of harsh noise jumpscares. It’s four minutes playing host to vignettes of auto maintenance mishaps, teen labor, frozen treats and the discomfort of aging. The result was an illustration of the anxiety that the future might be a little too certain. While these two singles carry the influential echoes of Molly Horses‘ beloved post-punk forebearers, they also channel the raw urgency and chaos of four people transplanted from small town living and into the beating heart of the City of Angels.