Monte Share New Single & Video “Control”

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Brooklyn’s Monte have released their new single, Control, that pays tribute to 90’s ska punk bands such as No Doubt, Dance Hall Crashers, Operation Ivy and NOFX. The track is an upbeat and satirical song about being in a controlling relationship, the accompanying video follows a social leech who seeks to control everyone around her through her elitist impulses. While coming up with the video concept, after a handful of names were thrown out for the “video girl”, bassist Meghan Rose suggested: “Why don’t we just use a puppet?”

They named the puppet Veronica after a mannequin that they used to bring to live shows while keeping the identity of the “real Veronica” under wraps. Supercharged with plunging bass lines, dizzying riffs, and downright earth-shaking vocals from lead singer Caitlin Montclare, Control merges the playful nature of ska with Monte‘s signature full-throttled leverage, building anticipation for the band’s upcoming first full-length that is due out later this year.