Mouses Reveal New Single “Huckleberry”

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Billingham, UK based based lo-fi garage queer-punk duo Mouses have today revealed their new single, Huckleberry, that is taken from their long-awaited second album, bwywtb, that is set for release on 21st June via Butterfly Effect. The song that delves into our collective past surrounding race, slavery and emancipation and examines how a number of very conscious decisions by powerful white men throughout history have created a culture of bigotry and racist rhetoric that paved the way for systemic racism to have such a stranglehold on society today, it’s a powerful and reflective new offering from the pair.


‘Huckleberry’ is a song I wrote about bigotry, white privilege, and really trying to understand and pick apart how we’ve got to where we are as a society and civilisation that still values racist and nationalist bullshit, whilst trying to be aware of my own privilege as a white person in Britain today. Am I doing everything I can? Centuries of whitewashing, especially post-emancipation, have erased the importance and certainly the impact that non-white culture has had in Britain and created a backlash of horrific right wing nationalism and vile pseudo-patriotism. I think the point I was trying to make was that it’s not an accident. If you trace things back, to Windrush, to the emancipation of slaves, to tensions throughout slavery; Britain’s stance varied immensely, and there was a definitive pattern of ‘take what we want from them and then throw them by the wayside’. Jim Crow propaganda permeated its way onto our shores and still remains today, it’s just so propped up by the traditions of everyday life that it’s too easy for some people to forget, or simply not make the link—but obviously that in itself is a huge fucking privilege.” (vocalist and guitarist Steven Bardgett)