Mr.Phylzzz Release New Album “Fat Chance”

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Fat Chance is the latest offering from Mr.Phylzzz, showcasing a distinct tonal shift while staying true to the band’s signature style. This seven song album delivers an unrelenting, dynamically charged experience, described by the band as their most straightforward and focused record yet. While their previous albums were written mostly experimenting with the sound and recording methods, Fat Chance is a more conscious work. Starting with a simple riff, the duo spent every day connecting different ideas in the most organic way.


Eventually, the band decided to make their way to the legendary Electrical Audio studios capturing the spirit of what became their new album. The esthetics of the underground, so crucial for the studio itself and Mr.Phylzzz reached the counterpoint with the methods of work and the overall aesthetics of recording done by Taylor Hales. Departing from their experimental tendencies, the duo embarked on a conscious and organic songwriting process, building upon a simple riff and gradually defying expectations, and embracing the uncharted realms of experimental guitar-driven discordant textures. Surrounded by the controlled chaos, their command of dissonance and unconventional vocals shines through, creating a landscape that both challenges and captivates.


“We booked four days in April, playing out quite a bit. So our songs were pretty rock solid for tracking. We had a pretty simple outline of what we wanted to accomplish each day. We moved fast enough to keep a spark going and not second guess ourselves or get hung up over insignificant details.” (drummer Danny Sein )