Nasalrod Share “The Maker” From Upcoming Split Album With Victims Family

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When Santa Rosa’s Victims Family crossed paths with outlandish Portland spazz-rockers Nasalrod, both bands knew that they’d found kindred spirits in one another. Despite each bands’ own distinct and singular sound, they share a genre-bending, aggressive and theatrical approach to their hectic, eclectic punk songwriting. After embarking on several mini-tours together, the strong commonality and personal rapport between the two bands has culminated in their upcoming full-length split, In The Modern Meatspace, that is due out on March 22nd via Nadine Records. Ahead of the release Nasalrod are streaming the first taste of the album, The Maker.

On In The Modern Meatspace each band serves up five twisted, technical and topical songs which somehow manage to display a healthy dose of humor while tackling subjects such as mass shootings, police brutality, religious manipulation, impermanence, impending apocalypse and much more.