Nick Knox Of The Cramps #RIP

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The Punk Site is saddened to learn of the passing of Nick Knox of The Cramps, he was a crucial part of The Cramps, underpinning and holding the band’s primitive sound together with his primal beat. Nick played on all of the bands classic albums, from Songs The Lord Taught Us  and Psychedelic Jungle through to Stay Sick! until health issues forced him to retire from the band. The Cramps were a band that blended punk rock, sixties garage and rock ‘n roll like no one else, they gave birth to the pyschobilly scene and introduced me, and many others, to the dark side of rock ‘n roll. I had the privilege of seeing The Cramps numerous times in the mid to late eighties and I am genuinely saddened to learn of Nick’s passing, we at The Punk Site send our condolences to his band mates, friends and family. I will be raising a glass to his memory and listening to The Cramps into the early hours and I hope you’ll join me. #RIP