One Square Mile Sign To Sound Speed Records & Announce Australian Tour Dates

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Hermosa Beach, CA punks One Square Mile have inked a deal with Sound Speed Records and the label has announced plans to issue their latest EP, Source Of Suffering, on vinyl for the first time. Emerging from the heart of the South Bay’s vibrant and storied punk rock scene, One Square Mile‘s latest offering serves as a captivating successor to their 2018 debut full length, The System, and marks a bold sonic departure, while simultaneously remaining true to the region’s rich punk rock heritage.

One Square Mile

One Square Mile‘s name originates from the city of Hermosa Beach, which covers about…wait for it: One square mile of land. While One Square Mile is influenced by the many iconic punk and hardcore bands who came out of Hermosa Beach and the South Bay, their approach has been to not place any limits on their sound or style and simply write music that speaks to their lives and experiences. One Square Mile have also announced they will be touring Australia in April 2024 with Long Beach, CA’s Hamapple.