Peesh Announces Free Bandcamp Download of His Latest Single “Fight 4 Ya Rights”

Peesh the music maestro from Ashington Northumberland UK, has announced his single release of Fight 4 Ya Rights will be a free download from Bandcamp on Friday July 22nd. Being one half of Cherry & Peesh, one quarter of LoGOz, is never enough fo this man of the masses, a performer and writer who should need no more introduction.

The track itself is a forthright anthem for the working class/downtrodden of todays nationalist society, an ode to the wave of anti Tory opinion that is now gathering momentum after the debacle that was Bo Jo has now been outed, and shown for it true intentions, if we want to have a fair society it has to be fought for, standing back and watching on is no longer an option.

Musically we are as always given a lesson in how to frame a song, give the words a slingshot into the world, rock guitar and thumping drum beats are the back bone to this stomper of a punk song.

Equality needs a platform and this is where it starts. 

Available for free download from Peesh’s Bandcamp page on Friday 22nd July.  Go get it and be part of the revolution.