Penfriend Releases New Single ‘The Only Way Out Is Through’

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Penfriend, also known as Laura Kidd and previously known as She Makes War, has released her new single ‘The Only Way Out Is Through‘, Penfriend had this to say about the single “The Only Way Out Is Through is my attempt to trap the “shapeless forces” that “pull at me”, making them solid by assigning words to them, reducing their power and size to something I might feasibly be able to overcome. The aspirational sentiment that “resistance is crucial, forgiveness is beautiful” is one I find very hard to enact in the moment, but something I can at least continue to strive for… The choice to release music in a universally dark time isn’t one I take lightly. “The Only Way Out Is Through” is the most resonant and useful piece of music I have to offer right now

The Only Way Out Is Through‘ is now available via Bandcamp here