Perennial Reveal Lead Single From Upcoming Album “In The Midnight Hour”

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Connecticut art punk trio Perennial have announced that their second album, In The Midnight Hour, will be released on CD & cassette on 1st February 2022, with vinyl to follow on the 1st March 2022. To celebrate the news, the band have released the album’s lead single, Perennial In A Haunted House, which is out now on Bandcamp. In The Midnight Hour will feature a dozen odes to the nighttime, and the album’s sounds and silences became a matching suite, a punk album full of sudden quiet, a skeleton dance in a 12-room haunted mansion.

“Narratively, we wanted to capture that odd, ghostly quiet after the party has died down, long past the witching hour, after the needle’s been lifted from the record. The song itself couldn’t be louder, but in terms of story the mood is this quiet, haunting thing. Moments like that are like haunted houses of our own making: even mirrors or shadows or balloons are a little bit eerie at that point; that stillness in the room a few hours after New Year’s, when it’s just an empty ballroom and yesterday’s party outfits.”

You can stream and purchase Perennial In A Haunted House and pre-order In The Midnight Hour via Bandcamp