Peter ‘Blackie’ Black and Forest Pooky Announce Split

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Peter Black Split CoverPeter ‘Blackie’ Black, vocalist/guitarist in legendary Australian punk band The Hard Ons has announced a split 12″ with Lyon, Fr based acoustic folk-punk artist Forest Pooky. The 12″ release is a collaboration between Production 386, Kicking Records, Dirty Witch and Some Produkt. The split will contain 3 tracks from each artist and be released on orange vinyl on September 4th.

Peter and Forest will be hitting the road for a European tour at the end of this month, dates TBC.

Check out the full track list below.

Tracklist :
Peter Black
1 Spoil Ya Day 2.52
2 Preach And Practice 2.54
3 Trouble With Authority (version) 2.36
Forest Pooky
4 Let You In 2.52
5 You’re A Mess 3.32
6 Choosing Lies 3.04