Plasma Canvas Share “Blistered World” From Upcoming Album “Dusk”

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Coloradan punks Plasma Canvas have returned with their new single, Blistered World, and announced that their upcoming album, Dusk, will be released in February 2023 via SideOneDummy Records. The track reintroduces the group in scorching fashion from the get-go with singer and guitarist Adrienne Rae Ash‘s vocals raging high over a wall of crunching power chords and snare. It’s the unrelenting visceral energy that has won the band a legion of devoted fans since their self-titled debut arrived in 2016. 

Blistered World is Plasma Canvas‘ first release since they made their SideOneDummy Records debut in 2020 with the Killermajestic EP. That five-track collection was infused with deep-seated agitation guided by Ash’s reflections on coming out as a trans woman in 2015 and the realization by 2020 that even just existing as such is an act of rebellion. Blistered World maintains this ferocious energy while also finding space for glimpses of hope. Like many of the songs on Dusk, Blistered World acts as a window into both Ash’s internal and external worlds. This album was written alone in Ash’s bedroom as an exercise in processing personal trauma and finding a way to grow forward. However, this time spent alone also built a longing for time spent together.

Dusk is the first album to feature Plasma Canvas as a four-piece, building on the founding duo of Ash and drummer Evalyn Flowers. With the addition of guitarist Frankie Harlin and bassist Jarod Ford, the band is finding strength in numbers.  Flowers explains, ” there’s a different energy that everyone brings into the room… this line-up feels incredible. We all have an extremely important role in Plasma Canvas, and not just musically – we all give a shit about each other, and we’ve found two more people that fit into this puzzle.”

Plasma Canvas

The twelve songs on Dusk were captured at The Blasting Room in the band’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado; engineered by Andrew Berlin, mixed by Jason Livermore and produced by Descendents’ Bill Stevenson. Through these carefully sequenced tracks, the album takes listeners on Ash’s personal journey through life and death, abuse and recovery, sobriety and relapse. The result never feels alienating in its specificity though, it’s a shared space, or as Ash puts it “the album is a place and the listener gets to hang out there for a while and process a lot of emotions from beginning to end.”