Plasma Canvas Share “Election Year Relapse” Video

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Coloradan punks Plasma Canvas released their latest full length DUSK just a few days ago, the album is now out on all streaming platforms and on limited edition 12″ vinyl via SideOneDummy Records. Clocking in at eleven tracks over an hour, the record is by far the most expansive and ambitious of the band’s young career. DUSK finds Plasma Canvas at their loudest yet, whilst also at their most intimate and fragile. The band have also revealed the official Election Year Relapse video, somewhat of a sibling visual to the lead single, Blistered World, with both of them being shot months apart by director Kyle Lamar in the graffiti-adorned environs of Denver DIY haven, Seventh Circle Music Collective.

“If it feels like there a story is being told in the two music videos for DUSK, that’s because there is. The “Blistered World” video is the declaration that love, joy, tenderness and hope will not be stifled under the weight of the bleak and hopeless. Although the tone of the video suggests otherwise, Election Year Relapse is a continuation of that theme. While Blistered World is a battle cry that we must persevere, Election Year Relapse is a look at what that perseverance actually looks like. It’s getting up off the floor, fixing your hair, and taking a long look in the mirror, no matter how much it hurts. It could be viewed as the hangover after the party, but it’s much more than that. It’s a sober reclamation of agency, a tribute to the anger necessary to claim your space and a celebration of being an angry woman with a fuck-you attitude in a world that beats you down, makes you smaller, and grinds you into whatever shape it tells you to be. ‘Election Year Relapse’ is the culmination of the weary-yet-fierce feminine rage of a bitch who can’t be kept down. She puts all that pain, fear, misogyny, transphobia, poverty, and sickness into physical space, and she destroys it in an act of anarchist alchemy.”