Brazil’s Please Use Right Excuses Release ‘Pure Quarantine’ EP

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Brazilian Power trio Please Use Right Excuses, have just released their new EP, Pure Quarantine on all streaming platforms, a release that conveys in its compositions an “outburst and purity” that refers to the name of the group. Their songs make political criticisms in some lyrics, in others they try to find light and get out of the depressive melancholy. The recordings were totally DIY, with the exception of the backing vocals that were recorded in the studio, with Rodrigo Leite (Rocket Bugs) at the helm on mixing and mastering duties.

The name of the EP already speaks for itself, some compositions were made by Bruno Leite (vocals and guitar) during the pandemic, while others were old songs that fitted the moment. The EP as a whole represents a little piece of what each person in this world went through (and is still going through) during this pandemic. The songs speak of various points such as anxiety, loneliness in times of pandemic and the loss of a sense of freedom. The album ends with a more dreamy song that represents those who dream that better days will come and who believe that there are still good people in this life.

The Pure Quarantine EP can be streamed and purchased here