Pollen’s 1995 “Crescent” Album Released On Vinyl

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Pollen have re-released their sophomore album, Crescent, for the first time ever on vinyl via Double Helix Records. Crescent was produced by Stephen Egerton (All / Descendents / Flag) and Bob Hoag (Pollen / The Format / Dear & The Headlights / The Ataris) and is now available on limited run leaf green vinyl and extremely limited test pressing here.

“Crescent was my attempt to make a really interesting, challenging record. I wanted to make our Empire Strikes Back – darker, more complex, more emotional, more moving parts. I’m not sure that’s a formula for a successful rock record, but I was a very determined/stubborn person, and rarely did things the easy way. Bluette opened with a very upbeat instrumental – OK, then we’ll close this with an incredibly dark instrumental. I really challenged myself with this songwriting and tried to make something very unique. I was also going through a lot of tough emotional stuff at the time, and it’s pretty much all there in the lyrics. Some of those lyrics are hard for me to listen to today, but at least it’s extremely honest and sincere, I guess. I felt very at odds with the world (a concept I am once again feeling profoundly in 2022, coincidentally).” (drummer & songwriter Bob Hoag)