Propagandhi Looking For A New Label

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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PropagandhiPropagandhi have updated their website saying that they’re still looking for a new record label after their last one, Smallman Records, folded. They said:

Don’t make us do it ourselves. We’ve all seen what happens when we’re left in charge of things. I know, the industry is in a tailspin and the relevance of the label-band relationship is more in question than it ever has been, but there are still some things a band like us needs to make it work smoothly.

We’ve had enthusiastic, but vague inquiries from a few labels and we really appreciate that. But we’re not looking for vague. We’re not looking for nebulous “what do you guys want?” inquiries. We’re looking for a strong, specific, enthusiastic offer that lays out in detail what your organization will do for us in exchange for releasing what will certainly be our wildest record yet.

The Winnipeg, MB band last released Supporting Caste in 2009 to great critical success through Smallman Records. This past March the band said that they had a new record underway and would be ready to record it by the end of 2010.

The full update from the band, full of hockey metaphors, can be read here.