Punk Site Poetry With Cherry B: “Lost Your Punk Rights”

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Our punked up pumped up performance poet, who has been described as the The Punk Pam Ayers and The Cockney Cooper Clarke, has returned with her latest exclusive poem for The Punk SiteLost Your Punk Rights. Cherry B straddles the Shakespeare themes of comedy and tragedy, teasing with laughter, then taunting those undesirables in society. One half of the unique Cherry & Peesh, who have embellished the punk ‘n folk scene with melodical tales and catchy tunes for the past five years. Cherry & Peesh will be appearing at festivals over the Summer and the duo are also planning to release an album. Author, writer, poet, psychotherapist, professional swearer, dyspraxic and opinionated, words that define and illuminate qualities that feature within the personality of Cherry B.

Cherry B

“This poem is all about conflicting views that are so far apart, it’s laughable!”

Doesn’t age bring wisdom and a fairer perception on concerns? 

And your philosophical conversations enables everyone to learn.

So I wonder at what point, did your outlook skip its story?

And something crawled inside of you and made you vote for Tory.

You grew up being passionate, alternative to the bone,

You went on many demos and your empathy had grown.

You listen to The Clash and took hope from Strummer’s stories,

But what has suddenly invaded you and start to love the Tories. 

Was it Tony Blair that caused this, you felt somewhat cheated,

And socialism and antifascism, from your mind was then deleted.

Did you climb the social ladder, and look down on those beneath,

Did your allegiance turn to the daily mail and their right wing belief. 

Did you wake up one morning and think fuck it I’m doing well,

And anyone who challenges you can just go straight to hell.

The swinging brick that replaced your heart is full of hate and greed,

You mix with those you once despised and arselick as you feed.

You’ve risen up but your status is down, your back is turned away,

You refuse to accept who you were, blame naivety for back in the day. 

So don’t be reminiscing for your youth and those punk days of glory,

Cos you have lost your punk rights, the moment you voted Tory.

Cherry B‘s collection of poetry and lyrics, Job Lot Of Rhymes, is now available via Flapjack PressJob Lot Of Rhymes spans three decades of Cherry B’s performance work. Political, societal and inclusive, it is uncompromising and passionate punk ’n roll poetics firing from the belly of social conscience. Cherry B also appears on her monthly radio show on Totally Wired RadioPoetry Is The New Rock ’N Roll, that offers an hour of lyric led, spoken versed, genre smashing, musical adventure into the exploration of hidden poetry, that is often camouflaged behind powerful rhythms and riffs. Named after one of their own songs, Cherry & Peesh will travel through the decades and diverse styles to discuss and dissect the meaning of rhyme as reflected by songwriters. 

Next up for me a few local ones, I’m performing at Strawberry Fair, Cambridge on Saturday 10th June.  Then June 24th in Harlow for a Love Music Hate Racism event. Then as Cherry & Peesh at The Hope & Anchor in London on Sunday 26th June. I Just did an open mic spot in Nottingham at the weekend with ‘Poetry Scum’ what an amazing group of poets.”