Ramones Manager's Killer Jailed

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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The RamonesPunknews is reporting that after almost three years, the murder of former Ramones manager Linda Stein has ended with the incarceration of Stein’s assistant, Natavia Lowery. Stein, a former schoolteacher co-managed the Ramones during the band’s heyday. She’s credited with bringing the Ramones to England for their infamous July 4, 1976, show. That performance is often described as the catalyst for the punk movement in Britain. After Stein and Fields parted ways with the Ramones in 1980, she eventually launched a real estate career brokering multimillion-dollar Manhattan apartments for rock and roll royalty. 

Lowery recieved a 25 year sentence for the murder and 3 additional years for the theft of $30,000. Stein was found dead at her Manhattan apartment on 30 October 2007 having died from blows to the head and neck. She eventually gave a videotaped account of beating Stein to death after her employer badgered her about the pace of her work and blew cannabis smoke in her face. 

Check out the BBC report here.