Really Rad Records Launches GoFundMe After Devastating Fire

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After 10 years of operation, Portland DIY record label Really Rad Records was destroyed in a fire this March. After a long road to regain housing and stability, the owners are reaching out to the independent music community for help restocking lost inventory and refunding open orders through a GoFundMe appeal

Really Rad Records

“My name is Garty and I help manage an independent record label in Portland, Oregon called Really Rad Records. We work with DIY artists around the world to release their music on physical formats like vinyl, CD, and cassette, as well as provide them with PR, booking, and advertising services to help them promote their music. I cannot believe I’m writing this but last month our home burned down along with everything we owned, personally and professionally. Thankfully we are fine since we were able to catch it early and get out, but it happened so fast that myself, our graphic designer Ollie, and our roommate weren’t able to leave with anything important, including our phones, wallets, shoes, or anything else.”

“We got out of the hospital on Monday the 25th and were reliant on the American Red Cross for shelter and food until we were able to get into contact with family. We have been staying with my family in central Oregon for the past few weeks working on getting new clothes, phones, identification, basically everything. The investigation is still ongoing, but it’s believed that an electrical fire sparked from an outlet in our living room and caught on some cardboard shipping supplies. Between that and the thousands of vinyl records stocked on our shelves, it took less than 90 seconds for the fire to grow so hot that our home was filled with black smoke, windows were cracking and the staircase outside our apartment leading to our upstairs neighbor was completely engulfed in flames.”

“Luckily we had a small renters insurance policy to get us into a new apartment and back on our feet, but it’s nowhere near enough to cover restocking everything and shipping out orders. It’s with a super heavy heart that we’re resorting to a gofundme, but it seems to be our only option to make good on orders and make sure our artists are still supported. I’ve made these kinds of fundraising posts in the past when artists’ vans break down or they get robbed on tour and the generosity of strangers never ceases to amaze me, but it feels so much scarier making this kind of request when it’s not just a tour at stake but rather not knowing if we will be able to continue to support our business or our artists.”

“All donations will go towards repressing and general restocking of merch, starting with the most recent arrivals and working backwards. The money raised will also go towards any refunds that customers may place for the destroyed merchandise. We will also be using a small portion of the money to help resupply shipping materials, since all of those were unfortunately lost to the fire as well.¬†Anything you could contribute to this gofundme would be met with indescribable gratitude, even if all you can contribute at this time is sharing the post with your friends and family.”