Restraining Order Issue “Misled” & Announce New Album “Locked In Time”

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Restraining Order are gazing towards the future with the announcement that their sophomore album, Locked In Time, is set for release on July 21st via Triple B Records. Following 2019’s This World Is Too Much, the band are taking the energy and style that made their debut album an instant hardcore classic and bringing in a present-day approach. The first taste comes in the shape of lead single, Misled, that is a hard hitting, melody fueled ripper that is focused on the challenges of understanding one’s self. The accompanying Ben Clinton directed video finds the band doing what they do best, giving a raw, high energy performance.

“I don’t have all the answers to why and how I act the way I do. It’s unexplainable. Many sleepless nights have been spent with nothing but curiosity for an answer. It’s something we all do and it’s alright. You never stop learning about yourself. Every day we find out something new but at the same time can’t figure out why old habits continue.” (vocalist Patrick Cozens)

Restraining Order

The writing and recording process for Locked In Time was expansive, beginning in fall 2019 and completed in late 2022. With drummer Will Hirst at the helm of recording and production, it allowed the band to focus on the nuances and build upon a diverse sonic palette. At the surface, Locked In Time is very much a hardcore record, but it also dabbles with garage, psychedelia and other rock influences. Melody and hooks lay alongside the speed and chaos. Ambitious song structures are highlighted by seamless transitions. It’s a record meant just as much to connect with as it is for dancing in the pit, which makes sense for a band on tour nearly nonstop.


Restraining Order will join up with Drain, Drug Church, Magnitude and Gel from June 12th for southeast and Texas dates culminating at Oblivion Access Festival. They’ll then make their way overseas for the Triple B Takeover tour alongside No Pressure, Sunami, Pain of Truth and C4 including a number of festival appearances such as UK’s Outbreak and the Netherlands Jera On Air. After a brief respite, Restraining Order will hit The Rumble in Chicago and Sound And Fury in Los Angeles, then meet up for an August run with Mindforce, Simulakra and Scarab. The Fall already has a Brooklyn, NY show with Gorilla Biscuits on September 9th, The Fest in Florida, and Flyover Fest in Oklahoma on the docket with more the be announced.