River City Rebels Announce One-Off Reunion Show

  • Steven Farkas posted
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RCRVermont punk band The River City Rebels have announced a one off reunion show on August 16th. The show marks the first time former vocalist and trumpeter Dan McCool has played with the band since 2001 and the will also include appearances from a whole number of other former RCR members. Many of the band members involved in the show have posted (in their own words on the show’s event page on facebook (see below)) their experience of being part of ‘the only other band that matters’. 

Details of the show can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1421827514753675/. An excerpt of Dan McCool’s post about the reunion can be found below:

So Brandon and I drove an hour north to Gloucester to see RCR at a tiny art space.  RCR had none of the vulgar stage banter and antics like I was used to at Skullys shows (that piece of the puzzle would develop over the years), but the energy was infectious and the songs were insanely catchy.  Dan was a force of nature on stage.  What was this band doing playing in front of 10 people in an attic 

Later that summer, we put the finishing touches on “Racism Religion and War” and hit the road for a 30 day tour across a country we wrote plenty of songs about but had never actually seen.  We played mostly podunk towns in the middle of nowhere to a handful of very appreciative kids, and we also hit some big cities and played in front of hundreds.  A few hazy memories come to mind.  We played a string of shows with Less Than Jake and New Found Glory in the midwest.  In St Louis, some kids completely covered NFG’s trailer with RCR stickers and they thought it was us…still unsure how we never felt any backlash from them over that…I think they even asked us to play more shows on that tour.

Record comes out in August, gets a ton of buzz.  A guy on tour with the Bosstones and the Dropkicks tells me they all love it and listen to it on their tour busses.  We were the featured track on Napster one week (damn I feel old), which was not great for the label but very good for us.  I’m stoked, Brandon’s stoked, we’re still getting to know the other guys and we’re all having a blast.  

Can’t wait to see all these guys again in August and all the old faces that supported us during my brief stint in one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been a part of.  It’ll be the first time we’ll ever played some of those old songs from Playin to Live on stage…but we’ll do it right this time.