Rough Cuts And Red Alert To Release Double ‘Aye / Eh’ Side Single Via Cursed Blessings

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Toronto, ON’s Rough Cuts and Sunderland, UK stalwarts Red Alert are putting out a brand new, hard hitting split EP this month via Cursed Blessings. Together they are releasing a 7 inch vinyl split that features two tracks from both Red Alert & Rough Cuts as well as a bonus digital track from each band. There are also bundles available to pre-order which include football jerseys, scarves and pint glasses in addition to the coloured vinyl split single.

The Eh side features the Rough Cuts who formed in Toronto at the end of 2018 with members of Reckless Upstarts, Bare Bones, The Harmonauts and Dirty Work. Their songs combine elements of old school English and French Oi! with hardcore and street punk with lyrics that span a range of topics, from daily life to homelessness to racism.

Hailing from Sunderland, England, legendary punk band Red Alert occupy the Aye side. They originally formed in 1979 and recorded their debut album for the No Future label in 1983. When the label went bankrupt, Red Alert became a ship with no harbor, and eventually disbanded. However, the band re-formed and began recording again in 1990 and and have released many records since.

“…These songs are from a snapshot of where we are as a band in the current global picture. Knockout Saturday is about our local reggae/ska/soul DJ night here in Toronto that was a staple every month, prior to the pandemic, and what it meant to meet up with friends, listen to great music, and have a good time. We Won’t Back Down is a song about how fascist groups like the Proud Boys have suddenly lost their nerve and started retreating underground. Rough Cuts is about the Oi! scene in general and how our focus is to write music that we enjoy and tells a story that is important to us…” (Rough Cuts)

You can pre-order the double Eh / Aye side single via Cursed Blessings