Rule Them All Release Title Track From ‘Dreams About…’ EP

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Rule Them All have emerged as one of the most anticipated new voices to rise out of the Long Island hardcore scene as of late. This week, they delighted fans with the revelation that their label debut “Dreams About…” will be out on December 6th on Flatspot Records. To celebrate the announcement, the band have revealed the EP’s lead single and title track. The track is an assertive sonic statement that Rule Them All will not be adhering to the trends currently ruling the underground. In this definitive statement of the band’s intention to walk their own path, thematically, “Dreams About…” is a call to mindfulness and personal accountability through the lens of first person narratives and vivid dreams – allowing each listener a personal interpretation of the track’s central message. “Dreams About… is now available to stream on Bandcamp or Spotify and you can pre-order the “Dreams About…” EP on vinyl here.