Russia’s Bird Bone Release Sophomore Album

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Bird Bone is an emo outfit founded in Yaroslavl, Russia, in 2017. The band built their recognition through the technical guitar work and expressive vocals blending the rawness of tragedy with a hint of gentle sadness. Initially, the band members were split between two cities, yet they somehow managed to tour and play together. Then, COVID hit, and immediately after, the military conflict in Ukraine began. Ultimately, the band members found themselves scattered across three countries: Russia, Armenia and the Netherlands. Despite their separation, the power of friendship keeps them united.

Bird Bone

Bird Bone have now released their sophomore full length, Л​е​й​т​м​о​т​и​в, that is now available via Punk Fiction Records. On their new album, Bird Bone weave elements of melodic hardcore, pop punk, math-rock, screamo and even blackgaze into their music, forging their distinctive style. The album revolves around the large and small tragedies that they have experienced and learned to cope with. The album ends with a cathartic sing-along performed by over 160 fans and friends who repeat a simple mantra: “We will shout through the open windows that the sun will rise again and we will feel better”.

Bird Bone

“Over the past few years, the world has become a much darker and more uncomfortable place. Through our music, we simply try to heal ourselves and rediscover hope.” (vocalist Seva Shaposhnikov)