Ryan’s Hope Schedules First Show In Three Years

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Ryan’s Hope has announced their first activity in over three years.  They released Apocalypse In Increments back in 2006.  The Illinois band is scheduled to play their first show back this summer on July 16, 2011.  The band was recently interviewed recently with Bandhack.com, and commented on the liklihood of a new album:

“At this time I really cannot say for sure. I personally would love to play more shows, maybe hit up some of our old haunts around the Midwest and beyond, but I just don’t know right now. We have yet to really sit down and discuss the prospect of doing more shows or doing another album. I think we would all love to get into the studio to prove our worth (or lack there of, haha) yet again. We just really haven’t sat down and talked about it seriously though.”

The band also works under the moniker The Reaganomics, of which they have released two albums to date.