Scooped Up! Reveal “Dislexic” Video

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Pop punk three-piece Scooped Up! have released the brand new music video for Dislexic. Drawing influence from the genre’s mainstream peak in the ’90s, Scooped Up!‘s Dislexic is effortlessly resurrecting pop-punk’s heyday while creating a sound entirely unique to the band. Clocking in at one minute and 41 seconds, Dislexic highlights the group’s DIY approach to skate punk and pop-punk, as well as offering a playful scenario at the band’s local diner in Connecticut.

“I recently invested into our band’s music videos by buying a new Canon cinema camera, the same camera used to shoot the movie ‘Free Solo. It’s a professional camera used in Netflix movies and documentaries so the quality of [our] music videos will get a big upgrade from here on out. Instead of paying someone else to make our videos for us, we have the ability to do them professionally ourselves, which will pay for itself in the long run. We already have 10 music videos out that we made ourselves for $0. It would have cost at least $1,000 each to have someone else shoot direct and edit them. So in a way, we saved enough money to pay for the new camera.” (vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Barbetti)

“The song is about when two people have feelings for each other but neither of them knows it, completely oblivious of the signs. It’s not until time passes that you realize how blind you were.” (Scooped Up!)

You can stream Dislexic here