Scrunchies Share New Single “Parallel”

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Dirtnap Records
 recently announced the addition of Scrunchies to their roster, and now the band is back with a brand new single, Parallel. Scrunchies bring an energetic live set, recalling the messy and cathartic energy of late 80’s grunge, punk and post-punk bands. Their forthcoming sophomore album, Feral Coast, continues their consciousness of the intersection of personal and political, pushing the edges of the soft and the heavy, with intimate yet surrealistic lyrics and melodic hooks.

“We wanted “Parallel” to be like “Squirrel Song” by Shellac, and have these jarring, uneven measures to the verses. I was also very interested in having Danielle do this Kim Gordon-esque deadpan call-and-response vocal delivery in the bridge, almost as a juxtaposition to the song’s loose theme of both self-imposed and external hope + idealism vs turbulence + obstruction of being a woman making art during late stage capitalism.” (vocalist and guitarist, Laura Larson)

You can pre-order Feral Coast via Bandcamp & Green Noise Records