Shibby Pictures Reveal Full Series Of ‘Good Ol’ Punx’ Web Series

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Shibby Pictures have released the final two episodes of their satirical web series ‘Good Ol’ Punx‘. The North Carolina picture house is, perhaps, best known for producing the official music videos for legends of the DIY punk scene, however, with ‘Good Ol’ Punx‘, Shibby Pictures director Jak Kerley explores a new direction by turning his camera onto the scene itself. ‘Good Ol’ Punx‘ exposes the absurdities, challenges, and colorful characters that make up the underground; warts and all. The series is a journey through six episodes from episode 1’s Odyssean task of Johnny Swagger trying to get his band out of the house and to the soundcheck, to the ‘24 homage of episode 6 where we watch two fans battle against time and their own procrastination in a futile bid to get to a show. It’s the sights and sounds of the scene, but not quite like you’ve experienced before. You can watch the full series of ‘Good ‘Ol Punxhere