Siouxie & The Skunks Reveal Debut Album “Songs About Cuddles”

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Italy’s Siouxie And The Skunks have released their debut full length, Songs About Cuddles, via Wild Honey Records, the album reveals the band’s raw charm and authenticity, always on balance between savage garage moments, psychedelic trips, lots of psychedelic trips, and intimate songs. Songs About Cuddles follows on from their self-produced EP, Songs About Girls, that delivered tales of bad luck and victories derived from romantic encounters that could only end badly.

Siouxie & The Skunks

Take five kids, put new toys in their hands and abandon them in a dirty garage with a fair amount of alcohol and rock ‘n roll; a nice soak in punk, a smattering of good intentions and let them fry properly: these are Siouxie & the Skunks, the (not too) healthy bearers of that sacred fire that only shamans and teenagers know how to guard. Screams, tearful ballads and lacerating songs. Get closer, warm yourself, but be careful not to burn.