Snakes Alive! – Day Jobs

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Snakes Alive! has debuted a brand new track courtesy AMP Magazine.  The track is titled “Day Jobs” and comes from their recent album Act III.  Frontman Chris Vanderviverc comments on what’s next for the band:

“I see myself now more like an author or composer now than a rock and roll star dude who captivates the crowd. I’m releasing Act III, full-length album, and I’d like to create other aspects like music videos, for a full creative experience. I want to collaborate with different artists. I want to play with different bands and different people. Planting the seeds of a UK tour. I’m dying to go to Europe. I’ve seen the East Coast so many times; I want to see something new. But, I’m just excited to keep making music and sharing it with my audience.”

Check out the track and read the interview here.