South Africa’s Fuzigish Celebrate 25th Anniversary With Self Titled Album

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No one knows where the name came from, and it all happened such a long time ago that nobody can really remember. Now South African punk rockers Fuzigish are celebrating their 25th Anniversary as a band with the release of their self-titled sixth studio album which is now available via Mongrel Records. Their style of music gave the outlandish name meaning, it was 1997 and the ‘new’ South Africa was alive with optimism and energy. The rainbow nation was ready for some two-tone inspired uplifting party tunes and locally brewed rainbow attitude with a bag full of punk, ska, rockabilly and soul mixed in with potholes and politics.

Fuzigish have also announced a launch show for their brand new self titled album on the 28th May at Johannesburg’s Sognage. The album is the bands first studio release in ten years and marks their 25th anniversary as pack leaders of the South African punk scene.

Fuzigish’s self titled album is now available via Bandcamp and Mpire Records (South Africa)